Some Questions…

Are we ‘available’ since we are on our own, trying to take care of ourselves?

Are we just a body to exploit?

Is it justified that we are reduced only to an organ to be violated, over and over again, until we are shrieking in agony and bleeding to death?

Is it quite ‘normal’ that we should hide OUR faces in ‘shame’ due to someone else’s deeds?

Have you never pondered upon the possibility that the one indulged in this sort of a violation should hide HIS face instead, in ‘shame’, for HIS misdeeds?

Do you think it’s ‘quite understandable’ or, even worse, ‘justified’, when someone mutilates herself under the pressure of the constructed notion of ‘honour’, which apparently was ‘taken away’ by some others, violating her?

Is ‘honour’ that fragile? You still believe in it! Is it some sort of a transient disembodied GIFT that only WE are ‘bestowed upon’? Which we should always be feared of being ‘lost’?

Have you ever wondered that both the notions of ‘shame’ and ‘honour’ are tricky enough to cover up HIS deeds, and highlight only how WE should have been more ‘careful’? How WE should have never gone there… that WE ‘should have returned early’?

Do you still think that it is US who try to ‘draw attention’ and ‘enjoy’ being invaded? That ‘boys will be boys’ no matter what, but it is our own responsibility to ‘take care’ of ourselves in front of numerous predating eyes?

Do you really believe that the clothes that we wear, not according to the society’s diktat of ‘modesty’, but according to our own fancies, mean that we are ‘asking for it’?

Can you REALLY situate yourself in our shoes? The way we suffer every single day from glances, stares, passing comments, gestures, or invasion of our bodies in different ways?

STILL in a doubt whether the situation needs a change?!


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