The theory of relativity

There was a huge traffic at the crossing of the road. The bus was in a standstill for at least ten minutes or so, behind a gigantic hoarde of noisy cars and rickshaws. The bus stood beside a road divider, where two kids were playing, oblivious of the entire world surrounding them…
The elder of the two, I supposed, would be at the most eight, and the younger one, somewhat around five. The elder one had a marble in his dirty little hand, aiming at another marble on the ground.
He tried to hit once. Missed.
Second attempt. Missed again.
The younger kid was gazing at him, wide eyed, amused.
Her little frock was covered with dust, her feet clad in mud.
Both were completely disconcerned about the surroundings- the noise, the  pollution, the traffic, and the people.
Third attempt. Again missed.
But there were no traces of irritation in his little face. With yet greater concentration, he targetted the marble. This time it was a hit.
The girl clapped her hands in glee; the boy’s face, glistening with beads of sweat under the scorching sun, was shining with a dreamy glow of success.
A man, I saw, came rushing into the picture, with two foil packets in his hand. His long shirt was torn and covered with stains of all sorts. His face looked tired.
Seeing him, the two kids ran towards him, snatching away the packets from his hand. He sat on the road divider, waiting patiently, while the two kids gulped the food down hungrily.
The man’s expressions were unreadable…
With a sudden jerk, our bus started its engine and moved on, leaving the picture behind, half done…
I wondered, how “family time” becomes such a relative notion, that one family cannot decide whether to eat in KFC or McDonalds, while somewhere, some other family cannot decide whether to save some food for themselves, or to give it to their children, the whole of it…
It’s a strange, strange world that we live in… a world where inequality gets to be the norm!


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