Choluk Kalorab…

So, the wildfire has started…

A “small incident ” turned out to be big! Really big!

It seems like a house of cards; you dare to poke one card, and behold, the entire house turns out to be a devastated heap… It’s like a snowball, rolling and crushing everything on its way!
They are rising…

They marched, they sang, they demonstrated, they organized plays… it’s not anymore a matter of a few. Now it concerns the entire nation.

They are quite ready to take the blows that might cross their path. They are completely armed – with pen, and paint brushes and guitars…

Very rightly they said, “the pen is mightier than the sword”.
Who says students nowadays are not bothered – not concerned about what’s going on around them?

Dear state mechanism, you still need to figure out what lies in store for you!



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