Fleeting thoughts…

There’s something really really wrong with people. Yes. “Wrong” is the word. People are becoming really passive. A growing apathy, like a worm, is eating our heads.

We hear something wrong, we see wrongs happening all around us, and yet remain passive. Maybe we post something on facebook, or tweet something, to voice our opinion against injustice (and of course, we need to get more likes and comments than others, so we have to say politically correct stuff that we mostly don’t follow in real life!) We don’t actually do anything in the real world. We don’t even try to make a difference…

We are bombarded with so many distractions in the form of imageries via media; we get to know too many things all at once. We come across disturbing visuals that might force us to think; but, honestly, for how long? We know so much, yet not at all indepth. We don’t think too long on one issue. Too many things are at hand that forbid us to ponder upon just one.

I came across a post that went on somewhat like this –

Religious terrorists are killing people.
State perpetuated terrorism is killing people.
And atheist terrorists are posting scientific journals online.

How can we be this passive? There’s this growing depoliticization of masses via media and social media. One spends so much time in trying to know what is happening in others’ lives that s/he fails to see through things.

For e.g. during the Indo-Pak world cup match recently, my ‘news feed’ on Facebook was overflowing with memes suggesting how ridiculous it is for the people of Pakistan to even have a claim to victory against India. A person I know even made a conscious statement like ‘Pakistanis are born terrorists’, implying that they have absolutely NO right to win!

Unfortunately India won, leading to flooding memes on Facebook; the newspapers the following day were filled with headlines glorifying India’s win. The excitement of people, all those headlines, all the sound of crackers, all those posts made me wonder, has India actually won the World Cup? It hasn’t, right? Someone then pointed out, ‘who cares about World Cup immediately! At least India has defeated Pak! That was the most important concern.’

But how many did actually think that all those posts, all the glorification of ‘Indian victory’ were racist? It was just for ‘fun’, wasn’t it? ‘Don’t think too much, these are jokes after all’! But how else does a feeling of nationalist superiority set in? As I saw, the game didn’t remain a mere fair match between two nations, but much more. It transcended to a fight between nations who are instilled with hate for each other. And this hate culture is perpetuated through circulation of ‘mere’ jokes/ memes.

In short, are we seriously talking about things? Maybe via social media we can reach thousands at one go. But who remembers us? And how long are we remembered? It is like a never-ending virtual space gaping at us like a black hole. You love to be liked by thousands who are not really concerned about you!

But do we think? Or do we go with the flow?

I think we still choose the easier second option.


Some Questions…

Are we ‘available’ since we are on our own, trying to take care of ourselves?

Are we just a body to exploit?

Is it justified that we are reduced only to an organ to be violated, over and over again, until we are shrieking in agony and bleeding to death?

Is it quite ‘normal’ that we should hide OUR faces in ‘shame’ due to someone else’s deeds?

Have you never pondered upon the possibility that the one indulged in this sort of a violation should hide HIS face instead, in ‘shame’, for HIS misdeeds?

Do you think it’s ‘quite understandable’ or, even worse, ‘justified’, when someone mutilates herself under the pressure of the constructed notion of ‘honour’, which apparently was ‘taken away’ by some others, violating her?

Is ‘honour’ that fragile? You still believe in it! Is it some sort of a transient disembodied GIFT that only WE are ‘bestowed upon’? Which we should always be feared of being ‘lost’?

Have you ever wondered that both the notions of ‘shame’ and ‘honour’ are tricky enough to cover up HIS deeds, and highlight only how WE should have been more ‘careful’? How WE should have never gone there… that WE ‘should have returned early’?

Do you still think that it is US who try to ‘draw attention’ and ‘enjoy’ being invaded? That ‘boys will be boys’ no matter what, but it is our own responsibility to ‘take care’ of ourselves in front of numerous predating eyes?

Do you really believe that the clothes that we wear, not according to the society’s diktat of ‘modesty’, but according to our own fancies, mean that we are ‘asking for it’?

Can you REALLY situate yourself in our shoes? The way we suffer every single day from glances, stares, passing comments, gestures, or invasion of our bodies in different ways?

STILL in a doubt whether the situation needs a change?!